I’ve been looking at your site and found it really interesting. However, when I go through the Healthy Body Calculator® I get some astounding results. So, I want either an explanation for how it comes to the conclusion it does or to point it out so you can correct it because it was a bit scary. I’m 158 centimeters tall and three months pregnant. I currently weight 59 kilograms which is more than I’d like, but not unhealthy or even overweight by any weight for height tables I’ve ever seen. I work in health myself. I’m 28. Before I got pregnant, I estimate that my weight was somewhere between 55 and 57 kilograms. I suspect the latter simply because after putting on that much weight my clothes haven’t become tight or anything like that, so it can’t be that drastic. I walk every day. I’ve never, ever in my life had anyone comment that I’m overweight (doctors included). In fact, I have been queried in quite the opposite direction. I am not particularly “big boned” and would perhaps be described on the more muscular side, but not particularly so. When I use your calculator, it tells me that I am overweight – which surprises me. But when I insert the details of my pregnancy, it actually tells me that my pre-pregnancy weight range should be between 35 and 39 kilograms. I find this quite astounding and completely unfeasible and unhealthy. I’m sure the only people I’ve ever heard of at that weight must have eating disorders or are children. It tells me that my post pregnancy weight, one month after delivery should be 50 kilograms, which is okay I suppose, but maybe a little on the light side. I’ve been there before. It wasn’t the greatest look and a little ambitious. Can you give me some further detail about my diagnosis? It really worries me particularly as I’m not sure about the effect it might have on others. Isn’t 35 – 39 kilos really a bit extreme? Thanks for your time. I’m really curious about whether I’ve made some kind of mistake which would be easy to fix. It seems to work for a girlfriend on mine, but she’s not pregnant, and it seems to work okay for me when I don’t put in that I’m pregnant


    You are right that 35 to 39 kilos would be way too low for someone of your height and the calculator is designed to prevent that as well as weight loss during pregnancy. Your post pregnancy weight should be around 52.3 kilos.