Is there a way to order / pay for the HELP plan? I have tried to print off the pages for the plan so that I can keep them with me and not have to refer back online all the time. The pages on my printer will only print out portions of the food lists. I would be happy to pay if I could have the complete lists and programs. Thank you so much. From what I see it looks like the easiest way to lose weight and be able to shop for normal foods.


    Thanks for the feedback about HELP. Yes, it is easy and most foods can fit a healthy eating plan without buying special foods.

    HELP is free to everyone and you don’t have to login or pay to use. You can print the HELP results page or save a copy of your healthy eating plan to your local drive and then print that every day. We are working on an upgrade, but it won’t be available for a while.

    Regarding the food lists, yes, they don’t print off without truncating (cutting off) unfortunately. You can save the pages to your local drive and then look at the lists as much as you want. Even if you were able to print off the food lists, it would be a lot of paper which is not ecologically recommended. There are over 800 foods in HELP Essential Foods TM.