I tried out your calculator two different ways knowing my body fat composition (I was measured on a body fat scale at my gym). On the first trial I entered data using my body fat percentage, which had been measured to be 6%. I weigh 87 pounds and the calculator told me this weight was within healthy range for me. Considering the fact that I am 5 feet 3 inches tall, I know many doctors and nurses who have very recently told me I need to gain weight. (By the way, I am a recovered anorexic and I think your calculator could give people like myself the wrong idea!!!) I entered the data on a second trial without entering my body fat percentage and it said I am underweight. Well, which is it? You tell me!


    You are correct and this bug had been fixed.

    Glad you are hearing your doctors and nurses. You are underweight. Your healthy body weight, irrelative of body fat, is 103 – 127. Bare minimum, you should weigh 103 pounds.

    With regards to a body fat scale reading, depending on your hydration and whether or not you are menstruating, 6% may or may not be accurate. Please read info in sports nutrition topic regarding measuring body fat and inherent errors of various testing methods.