I just went through the steps in your calculator and the information that was given to me at the end is not quite clear. I asked for information in order to lose weight and the number of calories it says I can consume concerns me. To me, 2,700 calories seems too high to lose weight. Is this the most calories that I should eat in a day in order to maintain my weight or is it the amount that I need to lose weight? I am a very active person, in pretty good shape. I exercise about five times per week, for about 2 hours a day. I do weight training and aerobics, but I need some good nutritional advice. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. I really want to get started eating the correct way as soon as possible.


    You didn’t include your height, weight or age so I can’t specifically comment on whether or not 2700 calories are appropriate for you or not. The only subjective information that you put into the Healthy Body Calculator® is your activity hours the rest of your physical data can be measured (age, height, weight, elbow, waist, hips). Do you think you accurately estimated your activity?

    The number of calories in Your Nutrition Facts is the number of calories you need based on your current physical data and your choice of nutritional goals (lose, gain or maintain). So, if you chose to lose 2 pounds per week, Your Nutrition Facts calorie level includes a weight loss goal. If you had chosen to maintain your weight, then your calorie level would have been 3700 calories per day.

    What activity do you do for 2 hours a day as that seems a bit excessive unless you are training for a competitive sport? If you do weight training and aerobics, do you think that perhaps you have a lower bodyfat? Have you ever had your bodyfat measured?

    The BMI calculation is an estimate of bodyfat and is based on some assumptions that are not true for people who are lean. Perhaps you don’t need to lose weight, but only bodyfat.

    Write back with your physical data.