I just used your Healthy Body Calculator® and was frustrated because I was unable to put my true goals into the calculation. I recently found out I am hypoglycemic and have been told I must eat low carbohydrates and high protein for my health. How can I work that into the calculation and please any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking for a dietitian in my area that will work with my insurance plan (PPO). I live in Dearborn Michigan. I’ve recently found your website and read up on hypoglycemia, but I still have many questions left unanswered. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    I’m sorry. There is a healthy range for protein and carbohydrate in my Healthy Body Calculator®. Unfortunately, some fad diets also follow high protein, low carbohydrate (may also limit calories) eating plans which are not healthy over a period of time and I don’t want to support those types of diets. Your need is different.

    If you are experiencing symptoms, then you first need to get your hypoglycemia under control. You may need to limit your carbs to close to 100 grams per day and eat 6 small meals per day. However, once you stabilize, you will be able to liberalize your diet to include more carbohydrates. Come back after you are not having symptoms and try the Healthy Body Calculator® again.

    If you want to find a dietitian in your area, go Find a Registered Dietitian on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics . All you have to do is put in your area code or zip code to find a dietitian near you that works with hypoglycemia. If you can’t find a dietitian to work with, please write back.