I just did the calculations based on my information. It refers to a 4510 calorie a day diet. Isn’t that a bit much? I feel I need to lose about 40 pounds, though the computer says I should only lose about 10 or 15. Why are there such large discrepancies between what say, my doctor advises and what your Healthy Body Calculator® deducted?


    Since you didn’t include your physical data, I can only answer generally. In regards to calories, perhaps you overestimated your activity. Most people are sedentary i.e. sit or stand most of the waking day. Go back and re-evaluate your activity hours.

    With regards to your weight, the healthy range calculated is correct. I do not know what table or calculation your doctor used to recommend a healthy weight for you. Since it is a range, did you pick the upper limit of a healthy weight for you or did you read about your body frame size relative to where you fall in that weight range?