I have been using your dietician calculator to print results for myself, however my wife and some of her “aerobic” friends are also interested in using the program. Unfortunately, none of us have internet access or a PC. I managed to use it through work. Therefore, would it be possible for you to let me know the data sources for the algorithms that you use for the results? I could then program them into my Psion (the only programmable computer I own) or simply calculate them by hand. I realize that the algorithms are copyrighted and will understand if you cannot supply me with this information. Thanks in advance for any information you can supply. I will not use these algorithms for any commercial gain, they will only be for personal use.


    You’re right, the algorithms are proprietary and I do not release them. Furthermore, the program is designed to run on the internet as a script on a smart phone, tablet or PC computer, but understand you could probably do the programming on hand held. I am interested in Psion handhelds and have looked at their website though they are more popular in Europe.