I found yours and other worksheets interesting in evaluating what a person’s weight should be. However, this seems to be for the average person. For those of us who are large in frame due to weightlifting, bodybuilding, football and other sports, which require a muscular frame, this seems to imply that we are grossly overweight. At least that is what your formula implied as to my frame and weight. Some of us who played football and the height of 5′ 8″ are nowhere near the 139-169-weight range for a large frame male. We all were in the 180-200 lb. range and I could assure you that we have every little body fat. Is there any way for your calculation formula to take athletes with more muscle weight into consideration? Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    In fact, the Healthy Body Calculator® does just that, if you enter your current % body fat and / or a goal even if you just want to maintain your current body fat level. Then the calculator won’t perform the average body weight calculation or a BMI. Did you read the text on page 2 below the % body fat and on page 3 below the % body fat calculation that explains this?

    I formerly taught sports nutrition at the university and worked with collegiate football and hockey players who turned pro or entered the Olympics as well as body builders. That is why I designed the Healthy Body Calculator® to work for athletes as well as average people and body builders who have a lean body fat.