I found your Healthy Body Calculator® interesting and entertaining. You may be interested in knowing that, as is the case with most health measures, the calculation deviates, greatly, from reality for those of us on the extreme ends of the size spectrum. I am a 6’9″, 285 lb. and 39-year-old male. When I used your algorithm, I was told that my healthy weight range was 209-255. Those days are long gone. As best I can determine, I would be in GREAT shape, to reduce to 270. I’ll never see 260, again. It gave me a chuckle to see the result of rerunning the algorithm, adding in my current body fat ratio (18%). Suddenly, I was exactly the right weight. I understand how this happens, but it was visually entertaining, none-the-less. It underscores, the deviation, from the normal curve. Are you aware of any studies that specifically target the big-and-tall set?


    You and short people are the reason why designing a weight / calorie calculator can be difficult.

    Since you know your % body fat, including it produced a more realistic healthy weight calculation. Congratulations, most people your age have a higher body fat! If you think you should lose weight, I would suggest focusing on losing body fat through exercise and sculpt your shape.

    I am not aware of any studies that target big or tall persons. As it is, there are few studies that deal with people of any size, gender or age as to healthy weight to height proportions. Because of that, many people rely on life insurance height weight tables.