I find that even though I am at the upper range of healthy body fat, I am very much overweight. I tried my data from much younger years and was in a very good range at that time. I wonder why you even bother to ask for age if weight difference is not calculated any differently for a 20-year-old and a 50-year-old person. Also, I find no difference for frame size either. Again, I find the calculator a “cool” gadget but question its true validity if the data entered makes little or no difference in the final answer. Thank you for your internet service.


    Age is a factor in some of the calculations. For example, BMI and Your Nutrition Facts, age makes a difference in the results.

    I have yet to find reliable weight tables for adults graduated by age. Actually, there is little difference in “healthy weight ranges” between 20 and 50-year-old persons based on the research I have found. There is a difference among “seniors” though as there is a loss of muscle and bone. There are some “senior” weight tables, but the data varies among tables. When I find a reliable data set, I will incorporate it.

    Your skeleton doesn’t change that much with age other than loss of vertical height, which mostly occurs in the spine. Some loss of height is due to compression, some due to osteoporosis.

    The Healthy Body Calculator® results are derived from your data using accepted nutrition principles and practice. Your results are a valid assessment, which provides you feedback about your nutritional status. The bottom line is you can use the results to change your lifestyle and improve your health risk from nutrition factors or not. What you choose to do is your choice.