I enjoyed your page quite a lot. I’m always interested in finding new health and fitness information. I do however have one problem. Your chart as well as most else out there does not take one thing into consideration with hip waist ratios. They all assume that one has moderately sized hips. I do not apparently have the hips that are expected of me. I wear men’s jeans quite comfortably. Because of this, these charts tell me time and time again that I am terribly out of shape and I’m a prime candidate for heart disease. Yet it tells me that my BMI is within the healthy range. I would like to get a totally accurate reading. This proves to be frustrating. Could you please get back to me on this matter? Thank you.


    Each assessment tool of Healthy Body Calculator® works independently of the other sections. Though, I have assembled these various assessment tools together in one calculator, the sum total of these assessment tools may not necessarily give you an overall “healthy” stamp of approval.

    The waist to hip ratio is a quick health risk assessment for heart disease that health professionals can use in the field without instruments or lab equipment. It is a very gross method of determining risk of heart disease and is used when family history, physical exam and blood cholesterol are unavailable.

    Unfortunately, due to the infinite variances among humans, you happen to fall outside the “hip” assessment norms. This assessment though should not be the only factor you consider in assessing your health. If your other assessments, i.e. weight and BMI, fall within the healthy ranges, rely on those results rather than the waist hip ratio. If your weight doesn’t increase with age and you don’t have children, your hips may never spread and your waist to hip ratio may never change to a “norm”.