I enjoyed the Healthy Body Calculator®. Not to be funny and I hope this isn’t offensive, but my wife and I have often wondered. In regards to Healthy Exercise Suggestions, how many calories are burned off during regular 10-15 minutes sexual intercourse?


    The references I have says it depends on your body weight, duration and effort. Gender is not a factor in calories burned per minute during any exercise. So, I will provide you with data for a male, 176 pounds and female, 137 pounds. The numbers are calories burned per minute. If you weigh less or more than this, you can estimate lower or higher calorie expenditures per minute. Then do the math using the variables of your body weight, duration and effort.

    Calories are:

    • Passive, light effort (kissing, hugging) M 1.8, F 1.4
    • Moderate effort (kissing, hugging, petting – fondling) M 2.1, F 1.6
    • Vigorous effort (intercourse) M 2.4, F 1.8.

    Actually, sexual intercourse provides much greater benefits to both men and women (skin, vaginal moistness) than calorie burning. Besides, intercourse isn’t like riding a bike or doing aerobics for a set number of minutes each time you exercise. Hopefully you are not even thinking about using a stop watch. Just enjoy each other.