I don’t quite understand the Healthy Body Calculator®. I’m 5.5 feet and weight 99 pounds. My doctor says that’s underweight. The calculator says it’s fine. My activity is 8 hours sleep, 8 hours very light / Sedentary and 1 hours moderate. My fat percentage is 12% and my waist is 23 inches and hip 33 inches. I want to maintain my weight. Now, your calculator says that I should be eating 2,430 calories a day, could that be correct? That seems a lot for someone my weight that wants to maintain. Can you please answer this ASAP? I’m currently recovering from anorexia . I use to weigh a lot less. I’m on a normal aerobic and weight training schedule and want to make sure I’m not eating too much to ruin my goal of being lean, healthy and muscular. Thank you.


    You are underweight and this is an issue that I fixed. People with lower than healthy body weights also have lower than normal body fat. Don’t put in your % body fat as that is throwing your results off. Enter your data again without including your percent body fat.

    Rather than setting a goal of maintaining your weight, you still need to gain some healthy weight. Your healthy weight is 113 – 138 pounds. Underweight can negatively affect your immune system as well as other body systems, so I would recommend weight gain to at least 113 pounds.

    As to the calories, I ran your data through and guessed you were 24-year-old female. The result I got with your data below said 1700 calories in Your Nutrition Facts. You may have entered different data, but I suspect that you included more activity hours than you list below or weight gain of 1 to 2 pounds per week which would have increased the calorie report to over 2400 per day. So, it depends on what data you entered whether or not the calories are correct. Though the only subjective data you enter is your activity hours and everything else can be measured so please be accurate when estimating activity hours.

    The calories recommended in Your Nutrition Facts are a good basis for planning a healthy eating plan. If you need help with this, go see a registered dietitian who can help support and guide you to your goal of being lean, healthy and muscular. Don’t focus on counting calories as that is an anorexic behavior. Focus instead on eating a healthy meal plan every day.

    You can gain more muscle weight without adding much fat by continuing your aerobic and weight training program. 12% is low for a woman and your menstrual cycle may not return until your body fat increases to around 18%. While this may seem a blessing, it is not good for your bone strength and long-term health.