I did give the calculator a try. Pretty neat. I’m assuming that the generation of the nutrition facts (specifically, calorie, protein, fat, carb) are based on the U.S RDA numbers. Where can I find out those numbers? If they weren’t, then what are they based on? Also, you may want explain “the remaining nutrients (that are) the Daily Values on US food labels” better. I spent a rough few minutes figuring out what that meant. Am I to assume that those are the recommended nutrients for women my age or for everyone in general. At first, I thought it might have to do with my particular profile.


    Thanks for the feedback.

    The calories, protein, fat, sat fat and carb are calculated using your current physical data and are not based on the old USRDA food label. If you weight changes, these nutrient amounts will change. Also, whether or not you chose to maintain weight, gain or lose, the numbers would also be higher or lower.

    I will re-read the DV explanation and try to clarify. The remaining nutrients are the amount of nutrients recommended by the % Daily Value on the new food label and are the same for every adult. Actually, the new Daily Value for vitamins and minerals on the new food labels contain the same recommended amounts for these nutrients as the USRDA on the old food label. These numbers are the highest nutrient amounts from the 1968 RDA’s. In other words, the % Daily Value should cover the nutritional needs of all adults, male or female for any age over 19.