I absolutely love your site! However, each time I want to look at the food lists, i.e., Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Fat, Starch, etc. I have to redo HELP and then when I go to the link I cannot print out that list or when I do it truncates it at the bottom of the page. I would love to be able to print out these lists of healthy foods and create a healthy menu for myself. If I am in your site in one session, I don’t have to redo HELP, but if I go out and come back, then I do. Is there any way around this? Do you have a book or workbook I could purchase? Your site is a very exciting one and I have learned so much! Thank you.


    Well thanks, you made my day. Thanks for the feedback about HELP.

    Regarding the food lists, yes, they don’t print off without truncating (cutting off) unfortunately. Even if you were able to print off the food lists, it would be a lot of paper which is not environmentally recommended because there are over 800 foods in HELP Essential Foods TM. We are working on an upgrade, but it won’t be available for a while.

    You can print your HELP results page with your healthy eating plan or save a copy of your healthy eating plan on your local drive and then print that every day. If you click the back button, you should be able to get back to HELP results page. If you click on HELP calculator link, it will start a new HELP session. Sorry, I don’t have a HELP workbook or book to purchase.

    Hope this helps and glad you have learned nutrition information that is useful in making healthier food choices.