Hi! I’m not sure how I got to your page, I must have stumbled on to a link of some sort. Thank you for providing information like this. All the information I see around me gets confusing. All I know is that I’m getting older, the pounds are adding up and I need to get in shape. As I develop my plan I will check back and see how I am fairing. I’m thick in the middle and it’s a tough spot to get in shape, especially since I have never been a fitness guru (sp?). This will be a useful resource to me. I ask though, that if you’re selling a diet plan or something that you please not solicit me for business. I know getting in shape and loosing body fat is all in my activity level and fat consumption. (Then there are all the other things to add in, but I know those two things need adjustment in my life!). But thank you again for providing this site.


    I personally do not sell anything, especially not diet plans or supplements. I do however host advertising for nutrition products and services that are based on nutrition science. I do not store your data from the Healthy Body Calculator®, I do not sell the email addresses of people who write me and I do not send junk mail to viewers. Are you relieved?

    Glad you enjoyed the calculator, as it is accurate. Come back often to re-check your progress toward your health goals.