Hello, I just paid my first visit to your web site and found it very informative and interesting. My only concern is that when you enter your height and waist and hip measurements, there isn’t enough room if you are say: 5’4 1/2 inches tall or your hips are 30.5 inches. There is only enough room for two numbers so you can’t enter your exact measurements or weight. I don’t know if it makes a lot of difference in all of the calculations, but I guess being one of those people with a lot of concern with how their body is changing as they start to get older. I’m only 28, but my body type was the same for so many years and then I gained some weight. So, it is a bit of concern that I don’t go too much farther. There are some heavier weight genes on my mother’s side and I don’t want them to have a chance to kick in as I get older. I definitely want to at least maintain my weight so your web site was great as it gave me a better idea of what I should be doing nutrition and exercise wise. It is important to know everything for sure. Also, I’m a bit confused. Your program tells me I’m apple shaped which means that most of my body fat is above the waist. Waist: 26 inches, hips: 30.5 inches. I do have body fat that decided a couple of years ago to show up on my tummy. But if I do gain weight, it usually lands on my hips. (The fit of my jeans lets me know if I have gained some weight.) My ratio number came out at 0.87. I also weigh 113 lb. I don’t know if this info will help or if any of my rambling will help, but I really would appreciate a reply when you have some time (you must be so busy). Thank you very much for your time.


    Actually, fractions of inches or of pounds would not create a significant change on the result. So, don’t sweat the fractions.

    With regards to your waist to hip ratio, perhaps you could re-run the calculator with 31″ hips to see if you change to a pear shape. BTW your weight is on the low end for your height and you may be premature in worrying about your “fat genes”. Your BMI is probably on the lean end anyway.

    PS I designed the calculator because so many people asked what they should weight and how many calories they should eat. I figured people would like to tinker with the numbers themselves!