Hello. I have a few questions about the Healthy Body Calculator®. When I enter my weight, should it be clothed or not? Also, I am a below the knee amputee and weigh myself with my prosthesis on. Even though it weighs considerably less than real tissue, is the weight of the prosthesis included in the automatic adjustment? Thank you for providing this useful tool.


    Your “true weight” is without any clothes, fasted (just after awakening in the morning with empty bladder and after a bowel movement), but I consider weight to be relative to time. Either you are maintaining, gaining or losing weight over time. So, it is your choice to weigh yourself with or without clothes. FYI, weight charts that most doctors’ use includes the weight of indoor clothes, but without shoes. These doctors’ weight charts do not include weight adjustments for persons with amputated limbs or prosthetic devices.

    I would suggest you weigh yourself without your prosthesis as the Healthy Body Calculator® will adjust for any amputated limbs you indicate. Also, since prosthetic devices vary in weight, I could not include any prosthetic weight in the calculation. So, your calculated healthy body weight range will not include your below the knee limb weight nor your prosthesis. Your Nutrition Facts will also be adjusted downward for your amputated limb.