According to your calculations I am very obese.(to which I agree). I have always been fat (even as a kid). Where can I get some help? I have asked my doctor about it but he just directed me to exercise. My Profile is: 33 years old/Male Occupation: Sales Height:5’11” Weight:275 lb. Any input would be appreciated.


    Well the Healthy Body Calculator® will allow you to choose to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. Re-do the calculator with that goal in mind and your personal calorie recommendation will be figured. If you want to change the percent of calories from fat, carbohydrate or protein, do so when you are on page 2.

    Next you need a meal plan that includes your food preferences and a personalized exercise plan that works within your lifestyle. I would suggest you go see a registered dietitian for your meal plan and an exercise physiologist for your exercise plan. Both these professionals should be available at your doctor’s clinic. Some health clubs hire these professionals as well to work with clients.

    First aim to lose 10% of your current body weight which would be about 28 pounds. At 2 pounds per week, it should take you about 14 weeks. With each 5 to 10 pounds you lose, go back to the Healthy Body Calculator® and enter your “thinner” data. As you lose weight, your calorie requirements will drop and you will need to adjust your food intake down as well so that you continue to lose weight.