Does zucchini have any nutritional value?

I grow lots of zucchini every summer. Does it have any nutritional value? I cook it in recipes for soup, cakes, and bread.

Zucchini (1 cup of slices) contains

Nutrient % Daily Value
calories 16
fiber 5%
thiamin, vitamin B1 5%
vitamin B6 5%
vitamin C 15%
folate 6%
magnesium 6%
manganese 7%
molybdenum 18%
potassium 8%


So to answer your question, yes, zucchini does have nutritional value and when included in recipes, zucchini adds vitamins and minerals. Remember not to overcook it as a vegetable. Don’t add too much water or use too high a heat. Both of these cooking methods destroy significant amounts of vitamin C.