Can you tell me about studding to become a dietitian and a list of good schools?

I have a relative that is interested in becoming a dietitian. Can you give me a basic idea of what she’s in for as far as studying and maybe a site that will give me a list of good schools? Thank you.

At the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics read about dietitian careers where you can search for dietitian colleges or frequently asked questions about dietitians.

She will need a 4-year degree in dietetics or nutrition plus a
dietetic internship lasting 9 – 12 months. Or there are coordinated undergraduate programs that combine a degree and internship. A third option is she can get a master’s degree with a planned work experience. Lastly, before she can become a registered dietitian, she will have to take a national registration test.

Most dietetics programs contain a lot of science courses as well as nutrition. Dietetics is the strongest and best background education in nutrition while qualifying you to apply for an internship and then take the registration test.