My father has borderline diabetes. What kind of doctor should he seeing to get the best dietary advice?

My father has borderline diabetes for which he is taking pills. He also has high cholesterol and high triglycerides. He would like to know what kind of doctor he should be seeing to get the best dietary advice. His general doctor has not been supportive in putting him on a well-defined diet – at best he is vague. My father would especially like specific foods to avoid and a list of recommended foods he can have. Please advise!!! Thank you.

An internist or endocrinologist would be appropriate doctors for diabetes care, but it sounds like your father needs to see a registered dietitian who would be the most appropriate to provide diabetes nutrition therapy. Dietitians have the education and experience to provide nutrition therapy using a person’s medical history. It would probably be very helpful to have an eating plan to follow with recommended foods. Your father needs a diabetic, low-fat and carbohydrate- controlled, no alcohol meal plan.

By the way, there is no such thing as borderline diabetes. It’s like saying a woman is borderline pregnant. Either your father can eat all the carbohydrates he wants and his blood glucose will return to normal levels within 4 hours or he has to limit carbohydrates and possibly take medication. Just because a person with elevated blood glucose doesn’t have to take medication to control diabetes, they still have diabetes.