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Please indicate how you measure your weight and height.
Choose US for pounds and feet. Metric for kilograms and centimeters.

Measurement Units: US Metric

Birthdate: mm/dd/year for US OR dd/mm/year for Metric.

Gender: Male Female

Born premature (before 37 weeks): No Yes

Child with special health care needs such as congenital or impaired motor skills: No Yes

Height: Feet Inches OR Centimeters

Weight: Pounds Ounces OR Kilograms Grams

Do you have any amputated limbs? No Yes

Amputations: Above the elbow: Left Right
Below the elbow: Left Right
Below the wrist: Left Right
Above the knee: Left Right
Below the knee: Left Right
Below the ankle: Left Right

Activity Level: Indicate in hours per day: Sleeping Sedentary Low Activity Active Very Active



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