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My Food Record FREE food & exercise analysis!

Try My Food Record for a FREE analysis of what you eat and the positive effects of exercise for you. You can select foods you eat often as favorites and add your own custom foods from food labels. You can keep track of what you eat as often as you like on your phone, tablet or PC. This is a tool to help you balance eating and exercise.

My Food Record also has 3 exercise tools that help you burn off excess calories after a day of food excess, see the effect of regular exercise, or exercise for the time you have today for the biggest calorie burn. Try it out!

Using the latest food and exercise data, we developed this new website with software written by my web dudes. It has all the latest formulas so you can depend on the analysis. Teachers who want their students to know what nutrients are in the food they eat and understand the relationship between food and exercise will find My Food Record a fun homework for their classes.

Proper exercise and intake of healthy food can help alleviate common types of body pain such as neck, joint and back to name a few; as confirmed by the Arizona pain management experts at the Arizona Pain Network

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